Stash Tampa

I will never forget my first trip into a local yarn shop. The sheer awe of the yarn and the samples while getting to talk with truly like-minded people. Over the years, that glitter has worn away, and I thought I would probably never feel that way walking into another yarn shop. However, I did this last weekend when I walked into Stash Tampa.

Inside Stash Tampa

Stash is a fairly new yarn store to Tampa. It is an extension of another yarn shop in St. Petersburg, FL, which I’d also now love to visit as well. It’s not a very big shop, but tastefully scattered throughout to store were some gorgeous samples. So many of them were crocheted, too!

I asked after patterns on a few of them, and people in the Saturday morning stitch group offered to text me the pattern names. They also wanted to make sure I saw these other free options (that were also beautiful), and we got to chat about Elizabeth Zimmermann. Shocking for Florida, they were all masked and kept a reasonable distance. I felt right at home.

Lauren showing off a "May the Yarn Be With You" sign

A lot of the yarn was good, classic yarn store staples, but they did have quite a local selection as well. I couldn’t leave without one of the kits the store had made inspired by old postcards. You could tell so much love went into this shop.

I say this about most yarn shops I visit, but I would go out of my way to visit again, so: if you’re in Tampa and have an opportunity to visit Stash, I’d highly recommend it!

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