Can I Have a Wordle?

Most of you know my day job is in marketing with an emphasis on social media. You would also know that I have a finger on the pulse of trends, but the older I get, the less inclined I am to participate, at least on my individual channels. I thought that would be the case with this one, but I was very, very wrong.

Like so many others, I have become obsessed with Wordle, this little daily word game (which really isn’t too surprising. My record on the New York Times mini crossword is 18 seconds…). That obsession grew when shortly after I started playing, I saw @tracyfanclub on Twitter cross-stitching her daily scores.

I love tracking projects (until I don’t, but you know), so I immediately thought on what I could do to show off my Wordle scores. Cross stitch was a great idea, but I’m trying to limit my purchases from big box craft stores this year. What could I do with what I already had?

Crocheted Wordle square

How cute is this C2C crochet square? Just like cross-stitch, the pixel art appearance is perfect for those black, yellow, and green squares. Even though I taught a class on this technique, I had to look up my notes for a refresher on what I was doing.

And since it’s all five letter words, I knew at least columns would go together easily enough. At first I thought a blanket, but again, the idea was to not buy any new craft supplies for this project. So what else works in columns fairly easily that doesn’t use as much yarn? The most obvious answer was a scarf.

But then I actually made a square, and with worsted weight yarn (the most readily available weight in my yarn stash), it makes a pretty small square. It’s under four inches. Now, I could make a very long, skinny infinity scarf like it’s the early 2000s again; just wrap it around my neck multiple times. The other option is to sew two columns together, which would be closer to a cowl width I’d regularly wear. However, there’s no guarantee the two columns end up the same size, since the chronological order is important to me.

What do you think? One long column or rolling the dice with two? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Can I Have a Wordle?

  1. Crochet them in a line like a long skinny scarf, then add rows of black to border on each side to the width desired. Chronological and symmetrical. 🤌

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