The Final Adventures at the Ren Fest: Third Weekend

This weekend was particularly trying.

Not only was it hot, but I had to move. I wasn’t even out there Saturday. Luckily, my mom was able to go in my place.

What I found particularly funny about this was when I asked my mom if anything of note happened for the blog, she shrugged and told me “not really.” But when she started recounting her day all these crazy stories came out. That’s what the Ren Fest does to you. It leads you to believe that these wildly absurd happenings are normal, which is just not the case.

Here are the tales (from both of us) this weekend:

  • A dog thought right in front of the booth was the best place to do his business.
  • Multiple ambulances had to be called, we assume because of the really bad mix of alcohol and extreme heat.
  • This assumption came because mom saw a small woman being carried by two friends through the lane because she could no longer walk on her own.
  • Mom was also particularly thrilled by a guest in elf ears who complimented her consistency while she was spinning.
  • On the opposite end of last week, a guest thought it was outrageous of me to ask her to buy a drop spindle before teaching her how to use it. For reference, a spindle and Marci’s smallest amount of roving comes to under $20, and this person thought this was highway robbery for a class…
  • A toddler managed to shove a drop spindle through the lattice in the back of the shop, out into an overgrown forest area of the faire, while the adult responsible for them was paying zero attention. I was helping a guest and only saw this last action before they toddled away.
  • On a happier note, a group of teenagers came up to the booth and said they saw me on TikTok. I have never before felt so hip.
  • Finally, a preteen walked into the booth with her mom, looked at me, and gasped. “Mom! They’re so pretty!!” I have never before been so flattered.

Hope I am done with warm weekends out at Faire. I want to wear all of the knits. Come visit me these last few weekends when the fall air is crisp!!

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