KC Yarn Crawl

I didn’t win anything, but it’s about the yarn purchases I made along the way!

If you are unfamiliar with the KC Yarn Crawl, it involved four local shops all bringing out their best exclusive colorways, fibers, and designs. Of course, I had to participate in some capacity, but I was unsure at first with my full-time job, my Ren Fest gig, and my move. Talking to Marci during a particularly slow afternoon in the booth, I decided I had to hit all four shops. They’re all great shops I want to support, and the grand-prize drawing was over $1000 of yarny goodnes.

I devised a plan that included lunch hour trips and quick stops. It wasn’t ideal, but I made it! I happily was able to make a purchase at each stop:

Yarn Crawl Haul
  • At my first stop, Unwind, I picked up the shop-exclusive Emma’s Yarn sock kit… because… it had my name on it (no, I will not stop making that joke each time I buy from this dyer)
  • Next, at Yarn Social, my new LOCAL local yarn shop, I picked up their exclusive Old Rusted Chair colorway and a new drink coozie!
  • At Momo’s Knitting Nook, I picked up one of Marci’s new base, a thicker Mini Boomer she’s called OK, Boomer, and the exclusive Momo’s colorway on the cashmere-blend sock yarn.
  • Finally, Yarn Barn is still celebrating their 50th anniversary with a new design from Cheryl Murray, who I ran into at Unwind. I wanted to make it, but I wasn’t wild about buying all Brooklyn Tweed for it (heresy, I know). Turned out the OK, Boomer was the perfect yardage for the main color, so I bought a pretty green tweed for one of the coordinating yarns. I also bought some Brown Sheep, ’cause I’m planning on making a felted witch hat for Halloween this year (we’ll see, though…)

What a haul, right? I’m thrilled, and happy to support these shops. If you managed to crawl last weekend, tell me about your favorite find in the comments!

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