Project Packing: Sleepover Edition

Two of my dearest friends have Golden Birthdays™ coming up this week. We’re also all starting to turn 30 (cue the Chopin Funeral March). So, we decided we’d do this up right and take a trip to celebrate.

First, we were going to go to Dollywood. The travel arrangements were pretty difficult and then we couldn’t find a single vacant suite in all of Pidgeon Forge that could house us all. Back up plan was a resort in the Ozarks. However, we can’t have nice things. Missouri is a hot bed of low vaccinations and high COVID cases… So we cancelled that trip, too, just to be safe.

Instead, we’re locking the whole group in at one of our houses for a sleepover. A repeat experience of just about every weekend we had together in college (short the studying, performances, and band hangovers). I’m beyond excited, because this is my Ride-or-Die fiber crew. There is going to be so much knitting this weekend. Which means it’s time for another installment of Project Packing!

I’m sticking to my rules a little more closely this time. Yes, I lost my crafting mojo for a minute, which also means yes, I’m wildly behind on most of my deadlines. However, I can feel the burnout coming on, so I’m trying not to beat myself up. I’m working on what I want to work on this weekend, because that’s better than not crafting at all.

Four in-progress project and two cakes of yarn

The projects that made the cut this “trip” are:

  • My Captiva Crop. Haven’t touched it for a minute, since it’s for me. It’s crochet, so we’re ticking off variety boxes already.
  • A brioche hat, which is a gift for a friend who I am 99.98% sure doesn’t read this blog. Which is a shame, ’cause this hat has a great story. Can’t wait to share it when it’s finished! This is way more mindless than the top, so we’re ticking off concentration levels.
  • My Olympics Socks… from the 2016 games…. but the Olympics are still happening, so appropriate.
  • My Sunflower Socks, which are my oldest WIP. That’s a win for the WIP Challenge and for the Yarn Social Summer Vacation. It’s also lace, so it will require the most concentration of all.
  • A SHINY OBJECT to cast on. Where’s that Evil Kermit meme?
Evil Kermit Meme with text: Me: I'm going to finished my WIPS and work through my stash yar-
Me to me: Buy more yarn. Cast it on. It will join the others soon.

Again, I’m doing what I can to keep my head above the water. If that means casting on another, more-exciting project (that is also a gift), so be it.

Is this too many projects? Perhaps. Would it be worse to show up with this group with not enough projects? Absolutely. Looking forward to this long weekend with friends!

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