WIP Challenge: May Update

It didn’t go as bad as I hoped! If I had had another 24 hours, I would have two less WIPs, I’m sure of it.

Me Made May didn’t even throw me off that much. It just upped the Squirrel count considerably, but I did say if that was all that happened, I was a happy camper!

Current WIP Count: 46, same as last month and the month before. It’s going to get better!

Queue Projects: Eight, which is also the same as last month and the month before. It is what it is.

Squirrel Projects: 11… up five from last month… but look at all those cool new clothes I have!

Shiny Objects: My new apron brought me up to seven. That was an investment for future gigs, so, that also is what it is.

I’m feeling very good about June! Look for this update next month, as there will be some real progress!

3 thoughts on “WIP Challenge: May Update

  1. You and are cool 😎 your work is amazing I can’t even knit one & pearl two. My Great Grandma, Grandma, & Mom knitted. I dabbled in knitting as a boy whilst turned into an Electrician for the past 50 yrs 😉


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