Canine Adventures

Y’all. I cannot believe it. I have been “knitting” for more than two decades and crocheting almost as long. I thought I had experienced just about every yarn-related hardship, but I was wrong! To quote Master Yoda, there is another.

Odie, the dog

My family took our annual trip to the lake with some family friends. One such friend got a new dog: Odie. Most of you know, I love dogs and am not unfamiliar in interacting with them. Odie is one of the highest-energy doggos I’ve met but still very friendly. So, I didn’t pay him a lot of mind.

That is until he jumped up in my lap with very little warning while I was knitting. I was working on a Magpie Fibers Reilly Hat. I bought a kit direct from Magpie, which made two hats. I made one for Mom’s birthday, and this was the second (it’s one of the projects I picked for my Yarn Social Summer Vacation). The yarn is a Merino/Cashmere/Nylon sock base, and the design calls for two strands held together to create a beautiful gradient. That meant I had a handful of small balls of yarn.

When he jumped, as I was unprepared, he knocked away the little yarn ball I was currently working with. Odie chased after it, and caught it in his mouth. I ran after him to try and get it out, but the yarn broke. He proceeded to swallow the ball of yarn. It all happened in less than ten seconds. Absolutely wild.

Of course, I was very concerned for Odie’s wellbeing, and I was sad about losing the yarn. At the same time, I could not stop laughing. Again, this is new territory.

Erin and Mom in their new hats

The good news is Odie passed the yarn the next day, and I had enough to finish my hat without it! Here’s Mom in hers, and I decided to give the other one to my pseudo-sister, Erin. I think they both look dashing!

So, the lesson I learned is to be vigilant around new dogs with yarn, for their sake and yours!

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