Me Made May: Week One

If I’m being totally honest, this challenge got off to a rough start. I had to keep changing my plan, and it felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew. Once I got my rhythm, I was fine. Once I finished my first outfit, I was feeling great!

Emma modeling her new Me Made May outfit

This is a crop top and culottes that I can’t wait to wear out dancing. True to my word, though, I did wear it out to my book club, which was outside on a restaurant patio. I used the Tania culottes pattern, and I am thrilled with it. Megan Neilson Patterns did a stand-up job with tutorials to accompany the pattern, and they fit like a dream. Can’t wait to make ten more pairs and wear them everywhere.

Close-up of Me Made May outfit

After I had to completely scrap my plan for the top, I drafted my own crop top pattern and am just as thrilled with it. I’d say I can’t wait to make ten more of those, too, but my fabric options are more limited for these, so we’ll see.

Check out the accompanying vlog post for more details on this weeks outfit:

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