Knit Ewe Together

The “Adventures” are back!

a post-it that reads "Coupon. Redeem this coupon for a fun-filled day with Mom! in Excelsior Springs!

I celebrated a birthday last Thursday, and one of my gifts was a quick little trip up to Excelsior Springs, MO. It’s about half an hour outside of Kansas City proper. One of our destinations was a real, in-person, browsing excursion to a new yarn shop: Knit Ewe Together.

Knit Ewe Together store front

It’s conveniently located on the main drag in their cute downtown area. The LYS staples were fair. The space was a bit small, maybe, but let me tell you: the local selection was out of this world!

It made up almost half the stock of the store! There were two local dyers (one was natural dyed cottons) and two fiber farms ALL based in Excelsior Springs! There were a couple of other local farms that were just outside of town! I haven’t seen yarn so local in a retail space since I went to Wyoming six years ago (Cowgirl Yarns in Laramie, would also highly recommend).

You know I couldn’t leave empty handed with a stock like that:

a full skein of yarn and a set of minis

The full skein is a hand-dyed, 2-ply BFL from one of the in-town fiber farms. No brand name, even, but gorgeous all the same! The minis are from the other in-town dyer, so acid-dyed merino/nylon, and these colors are exclusive to Knit Ewe Together. Have no idea what I’m going to make (or why I’m such a sucker for minis, honestly), but I’m very much looking forward to these unknown projects.

I’d say the trip off the beaten KC path is well worth it, especially if you walk east about half a block down Broadway to the Willow Spring Mercantile. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been out in so long, but it was seriously the best, most unique lunch I’ve had in a long time. Mom and I tried about three things off the menu, with a local wine to drink, and all of it was to die for. When you walk in, it looks like a liquor store (they specialize in Missouri wine, beer, and spirits), but just say you’re there for lunch and they’ll get you to the restaurant! You will not regret it!

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