Where’s my Motivation?

After a rough week, I’m finally back at an equilibrium-level of general anxiety. So, it should be really easy for me to slip back into my regularly scheduled projects, right? Apparently not.

Partial yoke of a Black and White Dissent sweater

Here’s my NaKniSweMo Dissent sweater. We’re a third of the way through the month, and I’m not even a third of the way through the yoke…

But hey! Self-care and all, right? Work on what you want and not worry about fake deadlines you make for yourself. I’ll focus on some real deadlines instead and start on some Christmas presents (you read that right. Yes, it’s well into November, and yes, I’m just now starting on Christmas presents. Welcome to 2020). Nope, not feeling those either.

A hot water bottle, covered by a bit of purple, cable knitting on needles

A selfish knitting project instead, then? This is the start of a hot water bottle cover that I intended to make during quarantine. It’s an old magazine pattern out of stash yarn, a perfect quarantine project, and I still couldn’t get to it then. Now, it’s cold again, and I’d really like to have it. Is that enough motivation to get me going on actually knitting it? Guess not.

I’m trying not to beat myself up, but why can’t I get going on any project? I hate sitting idle. Even as I “refuse” to knit, I hate it, so why can’t I just pick up the needles and be happy about it?

Since I’m unable to give a good answer, what do you all do when you’ve lost your crafting mojo? Please let me know in the comments, ’cause I’m really over this…

One thought on “Where’s my Motivation?

  1. Man, isn’t it frustrating when the hobbies that are supposed to bring us joy annoy us? I tend to just go with it and not knit and try to be ok with it by focusing on some other things. Sometimes I need to see something finished, so I’ll either pick up a project that’s almost finished and cross that off the list, or I’ll find a quick project to finish. This super bulky hat got me out of my initial quarantine slump: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tomodachi

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