Spooky Stitching

Halloween is upon us, dear friends!

It’s one of my favorite holidays, so I’m pretty bummed the season has been so impacted by COVID (as is everything). However, one Halloween-loving bubble friend and I decided that even if we were just sitting on a couch, we were still dressing up this year.

We had to get a little creative, because we wanted it to look awesome without spending a fortune (because the couch doesn’t care, right?). To that end, I ended up making part of my costume:

Silver clutch with a Celtic knot embroidered on it. It has a brown leather zipper pull.

I embroidered and sewed this clutch to really pull my costume together. What that costume is, I’m not planning to reveal yet.

See, normally I would have done this post next Tuesday, with a bunch of photos of the finished look. However, since next Tuesday is Election Day (and I hope my American readers have already voted or are planning to vote!), it didn’t seem right this year.

So, let’s have some fun today instead! Any guesses what my costume is this year? If it helps, it is a buddy costume with my bubble friend. Bonus points if you can figure us both out from my clutch! Leave your answers in the comments!

If you’re dying of curiosity, be sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll post the final looks there this weekend!

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