A Craft Quiz

I am so close and so far away from finishing my 19th Amendment knits (to wear when I work the polls on Nov. 3). My Together We Stand is blocking, and all that’s left to do there is to weave in the ends.

My plan was to make the Up to No Good mitts from a previous Lady Dye Yarn kit to match, but the yellow was just a little too bright. So, I’m using my Aperture Cowldana leftovers instead. Fingers crossed that it’s enough yarn, and fingers crossed that I will finish it in time.

Since that’s all that’s really going on in my crafting life at present, thought I’d do another quiz! NothingButKnit has another fun one this week:

  • What craft skill are you most proud of? Not an entire craft, just a little skill that you feel makes you a practicer of your craft with a capital C. I’m not sure that I have one particular skill that makes me a crafter with a capital C. If anything, it’s probably my range of skill with different fiber arts that makes me feel I’ve earned the title (Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one).
  • Do you have a secret mistake that you made for ages and when you learned you were doing it wrong you wondered how you managed for so long? Magic circles! The crochet ones. It’s not even that mine don’t work, they just aren’t the standard “magic circle.” It’s whatever, really. There are so many better things to beat myself up about!
  • Is there an item that you’ve made so many times you feel like an expert? Is there one that even though you’ve done it over and over you feel like an amateur? Dad’s hats. They’re so tricky, and yet I’ve made so many, I can almost do them in my sleep (at any gauge!). There isn’t one particular project that gets me down, but every once in a while the universe likes to put me in my place.
  • Would you like to teach your craft? Have you? Do you feel like you’re giving someone a special gift when you do? I do teach! Or I did a lot more, in the before times. It doesn’t usually feel like a gift (I’m often paid for my efforts), but it does bring me joy. The fiber arts are just generally wonderful, and I love when people discover the same joy in them that I do. Not to mention, my long-term goal is for knitting and crocheting to become so mainstream that they start putting yarn shops in airports!

Make sure to leave your own answers on NothingButKnit’s original post!

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