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First things first, I do want to let you know I have started a Ko-fi, after some encouragement from a couple of friends. No obligation, of course, but if you enjoy my work and would like to buy me a cup of coffee (or tea, most likely) as support, you can do so here:

As I said in my last post, I did get to have some fibery fun with Indie Untangled Everywhere this last weekend. Admittedly, I wasn’t as excited for this show as I was for others. The class offerings seemed limited, and maybe the novel appeal of the virtual show has worn off since April.

When I actually got to it, though, this was hands-down the best virtual show I’ve done this year. I have literally no improvements to suggest. It was exactly what I wanted out of a virtual show.

First off, the vendor list (albeit long) was organized in such a way, you could find exactly what you were looking for with their search feature. They also had a “program” that allowed you to peruse the booths, just like I would have in person. On that same list, they had a special spot dedicated to the vendor’s show specials, which is all I’m buying from shows anymore. I got to see everyone without the vendor fatigue of previous shows. Perfect.

Where I first complained about classes, classes wasn’t really what they were. At least the one I took with Selena and Abbye of Wool & Pine. They are the design masterminds behind the viral pattern sensations of the Scotch Broom, Sorrel, and Criterion. It wasn’t a class so much as a conversation, and what a conversation it was. Selena and Abbye are creative to boot, but also just fun, fiber-loving friends. They reminded me a lot of my friendship with my ride-or-die design buddy Kristin (of Kristinistic Designs). Not to mention, the class came with a copy of their Criterion sweater pattern. Also perfect.

Bingo cards with pennies on them

Finally, the cherry on top of this whole event was a Friday night Bingo game. Hosted by Indie Untangled personality Petrina Hicks, it was a classic, well-organized Bingo game for some amazing prizes, provided by Scratch Supply Co. I didn’t win anything, but I had a blast!! Everyone playing was super into it, and a lot of us were thinking virtual Bingo may have to be a more regular thing.

I didn’t win anything, but the Scratch Supply folks were so nice, I went on their online shop after the game to see if I could show my support financially. Their featured deal on there was a “Trick or Treat” bag, for a surprise skein of yarn and some other goodies. You could even pick the weight, so I picked fingering and got a skein for me and one for Mom. It arrived yesterday, and I tell you, I feel like I won now!

Two hand-dyed skeins of yarn, Two enamel pins, a "Scratch Supply Co." sticker, and a black project bag that reads "Cast-On Club"

If Indie Untangled offers another virtual event in the future, I cannot recommend it enough. They have the virtual format down, and I never sadly wished that I was at an in-person fiber show. Now I have to figure out what I’m doing with this beautiful yarn!

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