Adventures NOT at the Ren Fest: Final Weekend

In the last bit of silver lining hunting for a cancelled Faire this year, I did absolutely nothing. It was fantastic.

Not to say I literally just sat and did nothing, but I wasn’t required to go anywhere. Unlike if there had been Faire this year, I would have froze outside in the wet and cold. “Nothing” was much better this weekend.

I did have a little virtual fun with Indie Untangled over the weekend, but I’ll get into that more on Thursday.

Emma holding up her ballot in front of a drop box

I voted! Hope you will, too. I actually had to wait in line to drop off my ballot, and it was the first time voting for a woman in front of me. Her mom made a big announcement to the line, and she got a round of applause. It was great.

Finally, didn’t even craft that much, but what I did do is finish my (third) swatch for my Dissent Sweater. This is the one I’m hoping to complete for NaKniSweMo, or at least get a good amount done on.

It was a good weekend for rest, and while these weren’t a total replacement for my exciting Adventures at the Ren Fest posts, I’ve been happy with them. Thanks for following along!

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