Spin Together Update

What a week to be in a spinning competition… Work’s been especially crazy and I have been craving more human interaction than I’m used to getting. Still trying to do my part, though!

Drop spindle with white yarn/roving

Of course, I have the money yarn, but that will only count for the plying. My spindle project is coming along, but it’s been slow, in-between-projects progress. Hope I can finish it by Saturday.

Emma spinning on a deck in front of a tv with a football game on

I’m also trying to finish that Horned Dorset sock yarn on my Ashford. It’s currently living at my parent’s place, so I got to work on it with them while watching the Chief’s game on Monday (and during last night’s debate…).

tailspun white yarn

My only other project has been this tailspun yarn I’m entering for the crazy skein contest. I’m hoping to use it and the spindle yarn for some wild boot cuffs.

Fingers crossed it all gets done before noon on Saturday!

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