Adventures NOT at the Ren Fest: Fifth Weekend

This was the weekend for the Kaw Valley Farm Tour that I have missed for the past several years. It seemed a safe, family outing, so I was really looking forward to it. Even though it was almost completely outdoors, this was still one of those events where it probably was better just to miss it than to undergo it during COVID.

This first farm we went to was lovely and so on top of masks and distancing. The next one was a little less so, and at the final winery, COVID precautions were no longer a consideration. The staff required them as we walked in (and thank goodness, ’cause I love that winery and I didn’t want to have to stop giving them my support), it was just so crowded that distancing became hard. Not to mention, it’s a winery, and everyone wants to eat and drink, so no more masks… I bought my bottles and ran back to the car.

Emma, masked, spinning on a farm. Her shirt reads "On Wednesdays, we smash the patriarchy"

I brought along my drop spindle, because Spin Together started on Saturday as well! I’m participating on Team WEBS, since there wasn’t a local Kansas or Missouri team (and because I’m a frequent online shopper with them anyway). I felt good going in, but man, some of my teammates are on bobbin five or six where I’m still on two (plus the drop spindle, I suppose). I’m still on track to beat my yardage from last year, though, so I will focus on that.

finished money yarn

And Sunday, I finished plying the money yarn!! I’m so thrilled with it. I’m waiting to skein it, since all craft time right now is dedication to the competition.

Next weekend would have been another three day weekend out there, so I still took that Monday off this year. Still determined to get all of the good I can get out of “Faire!”

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