Social DisKnitting: Day 63

I’m still going! Albeit slower than when we started social distancing.

My super secret surprise project last week was a Mother’s Day gift, of course. When Mom took her first spinning class, she came home and wanted to through away the yarn she spun. I stopped her, singing the praises of a first-spun yarn, and she tossed it at me. “Then you do something with it,” she said, and I did!

Handspun sheep

I made this little sheep toy out of it, along with some scrap I’ve had lying around forever (so yarns with no names!). He’s supposed to have safety eyes, but social disknitting dictates that you must use what you have, and I ran out of safety eyes. I could have embroidered some instead, but I decided I liked his old-timey, faceless look.

In-progress Wonderful Wallaby sweater

I was hoping to have the sweater ready for an FO Friday post tomorrow. Not sure it’s going to make that, but there’s a chance.

In-progress My Little Secret Crop Top and Fisherman's rib scarf

Progress has been made on the My Little Secret Crop and scarf.

Sheet and dress pattern

And I’m trying to make a dress for MeMadeMay! My aunt sent me some sheets for rag rugs, but I thought this big, fun print would be wasted on a rag rug. Summer dress it was, and I’m loving it, except I can’t seem to get the neckline right. Stay tuned.

As always, I’d love to hear about what you’re working on. Leave me a comment and tag your project photos with #fiberadventures.

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