Virtual Vogue Knitting Live

I understand Vogue puts on some great shows, but they’re really expensive and usually pretty far away from me. So just like the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, this was a silver lining virtual event for me!

By the time I was able to sign up, most of the classes were sold out, but I was able to get in on two lectures: Inclusive Design for Knitters by Kim McBrien Evans and Amp up Your Instagram by Meika John. These were more hands off than a class, of course, but also cheaper, which I appreciated. I “left” each class feeling really glad that I signed up!

Virtual Vogue Knitting Live Event Hub

What impressed me the most about this virtual event was the Event Hub interface. It was insanely easy to use, and after the minor frustrations I had with the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, I was so grateful for it. Once you signed in, your classes, the community events, and the vendor market were all at your finger tips.

I also appreciated the live vendor features that happened every day of the show. It broke the vendors down into manageable pieces, so I was able to view them all without the fatigue. Even if I wasn’t able to watch the live streams the vendors put on, the same menu had a small paragraph about the vendor and a link to the online shop. It had a similar feel to perusing booths in person.

However, I was still missing the comradery of seeing and chatting up fellow crafters. I would have loved a forum space or video chat option to somewhat fill that void. Other than that, this virtual show was a joy to attend.

Were you able to enjoy any part of Virtual Vogue Knitting Live? Let me know about your experience in the comments.

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