Social DisKnitting: Day 41

I hope you’re all doing well and still crafting, ’cause I was not. I had a massive panic attack Saturday morning, and nothing got done all weekend. I’ve been feeling so much better these last few days, but this post didn’t get done on Tuesday because I felt like I didn’t have much to show.

Now it’s Thursday, and between the adulting and connecting that has been needed since last weekend, I still don’t have much to show. I’ll show what I can, though!

Two in-progress hats

I started two new crochet hats. Both are gifts, so I’m going to keep the details out for now.

Two knitting projects, in the round

My two straight rib projects are still here. When the Baby Yoda hat is no longer ribbing, it’s going to be the new stoplight project.

A cowl, scarf, and sweater, in progress

And the other WIPs are still going, albeit so slowly. I haven’t touched the sweater or the scarf since last Friday, but once the hats are done, they’ll have my full attention again!

I haven’t watched many new things this last week, but I have been watching animated films from my childhood online with friends, and we’re roasting them, Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. That’s been fun. I’m ready to get back to something new, though, so drop me your recommendations in the comments (and, of course, tell me what you’re working on)!

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