Social DisKnitting: Day 47

This may be my last Social DisKnitting post. The statewide stay-at-home order is supposed to lift on May 3, and while I’m eager to get out the house, I’m still scared and angry. So who knows, maybe I’ll still do these updates under a new name.

I have two new finished object! The hats I was working on last week are done:

Pikachu hat

An 8-year-old nephew really needed a Pikachu hat, so I made a Pikachu hat. I also finished another Lidsville for Dad, but it’s blocking. Stay tuned for that.

No new cast-ons, but I bought yarns intended for new cast-ons:

The luscious Magpie Fibers is going to be a Ripple Bralette & Butt Shorts combo, and the Emma’s Yarn is going to be a Casapinka Breathe and Hope. Based off the color names, though, I intend to call mine Salt and Frost.

And here are the current WIPs:

A crop top, hat, scarf, cowl, and sweater in progress

Planning on adding some needlepoint back into the rotation, too, but I really need to finish that sweater and scarf.

I’m finally finishing Attack on Titan, which I started back in college, and I just started Schitt’s Creek. I’m still watching old-ish movies, like the first Pirates of the Caribbean. That film holds up so well even after almost 20 years.

I still would love to hear what you’re working on and watching. Let me know in the comments!

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