Socks for Ireland

Earlier this year, my mom and I went to a spinning retreat in town, and one of the techniques covered was fractal spinning. The braid I received for the project was green, white, and orangey-gold, which made me think of the Irish flag.

My parents were planning a trip to Ireland for their 30th wedding anniversary, so I made a deal with my mom. If I spun this fiber thin enough to be a sock yarn, she would finish a pair of socks in time for her trip and take a picture of her Irish-colored socks in Ireland. They’ve gone, and she did!

striped green, white, and gold socks

She picked a 3 x 1 rib and her usual slipstitch heel. I think they turned out fabulous, if I can say so myself!

Mom and her socks at Trinity college

As promised, here’s a picture of the socks in Ireland! At Trinity University in Dublin, to be more precise.

Now please excuse me. I feel the need to fractal spin all the braids I own to make socks…

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