Adventures at the Ren Fest 2019: 4th Weekend

All of us who work the Faire were mentally preparing for a downpour all weekend. We discussed strategies for paper boat races, if we got the usual river down the middle of the lane. Short of a couple of short rain bursts, though, we were spared. The guests must’ve missed the memo, ’cause it was pretty slow!

I have a couple of interesting people to share with you though:

  • I saw a spot-on Jon Snow, a Thor with a flask the size of my head, and a Flynn Rider in booty shorts.
  • An elementary-school-aged child ran by the booth while I was spinning. Without stopping, he pointed at me, screamed “YARN!”, and ran away.
  • An old man called me “Sweetheart” about four times, and I managed not to knock his lights out. I’ll credit the children that were present.
  • A teenaged girl made a phone call in the booth to ask her dad if she could bring home a whip “for self defense.” I guess he said yes, ’cause later she walked by with it as she announced to her friends that she was “The Whip Master.”
  • A guy in garb from the waist down with a Hogwarts t-shirt camped in the booth with his friends. He discussed, at length, “the aesthetic of his next outfit.” There was a lengthy discussion about the virtues of plate armor over chainmail, and after about 15 minutes, he decided on leather.
  • Then a guy told me I needed to spin faster ’cause he just bought a whip…

Crafting-wise, it was National Spin in Public Day on Saturday! Of course, we celebrated by doing what we do every Ren Fest Saturday, by spinning in public. At least we got a fun photo of us all spinning together:

Christina, Emma, and Marci spinning

I have two full, 8oz bobbins of alpaca now, too! I’ll ply that next weekend. Until then, I hope the only other mention of whips you get are WIPs…

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