Adventures at the Ren Fest 2019: 5th Weekend

It was the last weekend in September. By now, we should have cool, crisp breezes that smell like the changing leaves and be able to wear all of our handknits, but no. It was still humid, in the 80s, and we had to dodge a little rain.

I was only out there Sunday last weekend, but I still met so many interesting people:

  • Some poor guy in a kilt was harassed way too long by a guy and his kid calling it a “dress.”
  • One child was explaining the spinning wheel to a much younger child. He told him it makes bracelets.
  • A woman walking by was talking to her friend about the wheel: “And if you don’t have a spinning wheel, you use a dirndl.” I get that it sounds like “drop spindle” lumped into one word, but as a woman with German family, that was especially face-palm worthy.
  • Another woman walked into the booth, immediately walked out to Marci and told her everything she had was “knit, not crochet.” That wasn’t totally true, but without dropping a beat, she went on to tell Marci that she just bought “a loom” and would like her craft to be represented (?).
  • Finally, another kid told me spinning wheels make fishing poles.

More exciting, I taught four, yes four, beginner spinning lessons on Sunday! Three of them were left-handed, which was unexpected.

That means I didn’t have much time to spin myself, but I did start to ply the alpaca:

plied alpaca on a spinning wheel bobbin

It’s turning into a yarn that goes between worsted and bulky. I’m thinking a pullover? I still have a full garbage bag to spin… Any new ideas on what I should make? Let me know in the comments.

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