EEW Nano

UPDATE: I have gone back and forth with Dreaming Robots three times now, and I still haven’t gotten what I ordered. Order at your own risk.

I too just received an Electric Eel Wheel Nano spinning wheel! I backed pretty early in the campaign, since I had purchased one of his first minis when those came out. That was a cool little wheel, but I never found a larger drive band to be able to ply on it as well. When I heard that this model could spin both directions, travel with a battery pack, and was quieter than the original model, I was sold!

Electric Eel Wheel EEW Nano

My first disappointment was that I backed for three (Mom and Marci went in too), but only one arrived, with no mention of the other two. I know Maurice will fix it when he returns from his vacation, but it’s still a bummer. The one that arrived was Mom’s, based on the color. She was nice enough to let me take it for a spin (pun intended).

Electric Eel Wheel EEW Nano switch

Here is that handy little switch to easily spin and ply! It’s even marked S & Z, which is wonderful.

I went at it a little slow to start. I know people were having some issues with the wheel dragging or the tension not working correctly. This one spun like a charm, right out of the box. Then came the second disappointment:

This machine is still pretty loud! I looked at it to see if anything was catching where it shouldn’t, but even on the nice, slow setting I can get on the wheel, I couldn’t see what it was.

Finally, after a quick bit of spinning, it did seem to me that the motor started to slow down. That could be my imagination, or something is catching in there and it’s wearing on the motor.

All in all, for the price of this little electric wheel, I’d say it’s well worth the investment. It’ll be even better once all the bugs are figured out!

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