LYS Day Recap

Did everyone make it to their local yarn shop to celebrate LYS Day? You know I did!

Emma winding yarn

I was helping out Marci of Th’red Head Designs at her trunk show at The Studio! She had a fun, exclusive colorway for the event called “I ❤ My LYS,” and it was made from Lapis, Yellow, and Salmon (see what she did there?). She had at least one on all of her bases, and it became a kind of game to track them all down. The Studio also had Dream is Color‘s exclusive LYS colorway, inspired by the Grand Canyon, which is celebrating its centennial this year!

I did manage to make it over to Yarn Social in Kansas City, too. There was a lot going on! They had a trunk show, Old Rusted Chair, they had Game of Thrones yarns, and they had one of Koigu‘s exclusive LYS Day colorways, called Great Plains. I also had to get some Lola Bean yarn, as all of Yarn Social’s profits for that yarn from last week went to the ACLU. Since I needed (yes, needed) to take home all of these yarns, I decided to create a fade:

LYS Day fade

From left to right, I’ve got Th’red Head’s exclusive colorway on Sinsational Sock, Old Rusted Chair Sock in Panic in Detroit, Goosey Fibers Gosling in Dorne, Lola Bean Yarn Co. Navy Bean in Dobby, the Koigu exclusive colorway, Goosey Fibers Gosling in The North Remembers, and Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in the exclusive colorway! All of them are either LYS Day exclusives or pop culture inspired, and y’all know those are my favorites!

With this much yarn, I think I need to make a fade sweater. I was recommended the Boyfriend sweater, and of course the So Faded sweater. The Comfort Fade Cardi is written for DK, but I might be willing to do the math for a fingering weight. Do you have a fade sweater pattern you really like? Tell me about it in the comments.

And be sure to post your LYS Day hauls and tag them with #fiberadventures!

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