Super Knits

Some quick reminders, Local Yarn Shop Day is Saturday! Please go support your LYS, maybe buy some yarn for Kristin Ragsdale’s Fuzzy Socks knit-along that’s coming up next week!

It’s finally here you guys, Avengers: Endgame is in theaters TONIGHT. I can feel it, this will be (another) one of those nights where my life will have a divide: before and after I entered that movie theater. So since that’s all I can think about right now, take a look at some of my favorite superhero designs out there right now! HAND-KNITS, ASSEMBLE!

Infinity Gauntlet
© Liz Ward

First up,The Infinity Gauntlet by Liz Ward. This was the ultimate super-knit this time last year, and even though gloves are the worst, I would have suffered for this. Someone more super than me needs to whip one up real quick to snap everyone back and give me a Loki or Winter Soldier/Falcon tv show.

Higher, Further, Faster
© Sara Huntington Burch

Or maybe just knit one of these and go take on Thanos yourself! Higher, Further, Faster by Sara Burch perfectly captures the most powerful hero in the Marvel canon.

Nakia's wrap
© Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Entertainment

How about a knit that actually starred in a MCU film? Jeff Gillies machine-knit this gorgeous wrap for Nakia in Black Panther, and after it came out, knitters were clamoring for screengrabs to count stitches. He was nice enough not only to put the pattern out there for free, but to arranged to have it converted into a hand-knit pattern as well! You’re a real hero, Jeff!

Baby Groot
© Twinkie Chan

Oooh baby give me one more chance! (To show you that I love you) Won’t you please let meee back in your heart. You know Baby Groot is one of the best things to ever happen in the MCU, go celebrate him by crocheting his dancing likeness,pattern by Twinkie Chan.

Captian America
© bethylated-spirits

Cap is my favorite superhero, or at least has stayed close to the top over all of these years, and who wouldn’t want a hand-knit sweater that makes them look like their favorite superhero? I think this Captain America Knit Hoodie from Beth Kluckhohn is the star-spangled sweater with a plan.

© Lalie Williamson

And Loki is my ALL TIME favorite villain. so I saved the best for last!!! Burdened with Glorious Purpose by Lalíe Roque celebrates him so perfectly, I would absolutely kneel to that!

If you’re bringing a project to work on before the show, or a finished superhero hand-knit to cry into tonight, I want to see! Tag it on social with #fiberadventures.

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