Me Made May

It’s almost upon us… the month that I usually forget about because, as far as I’m concerned, every month is “Me Made Month” in my house… As intended, that may not be totally true. This started on Instagram as more of a fashion challenge to show off a collection, akin to All Dress April or […]

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The “Easter” Shawl

This one is a winder, so settle in. Travel back with me about decade, when I was but a wee teenager. We went to visit my aunt in Austin, Texas, and these trips mostly included eating fantastic food and shopping. One such shop we were able to fit in was Gauge, one of my first […]

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In Defense of Stash

I’m in a study for new contact lenses. I won’t get into the gritty of it, but these new contacts, at least at this stage, are a bit uncomfortable. With tired eyes, my go-to is heat. I’ll do the trick where you rub your hands together and put your palms over your eyes, but I […]

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COVID-19 is all anyone can talk about, so why should I be any different… Honestly, I’m miffed today. I have been training and hyping for an active spring break trip that had to be cancelled for everyone’s safety. It was the right decision, but that doesn’t mean I’m not devastated. When I shared the news […]