Fauxlags, Fractals…

I can’t think of a better way to spend a frigid weekend than tucked away learning new spinning techniques. The Fiber Treasures retreat this year was call “Fauxlags, Fractals, and Funky Yarns,” and we covered a lot of ground on all! Fauxlags are a fun way to prepare a combed top that gives you a […]

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Alpaca Adoption

My friend Marci and I adopted an alpaca last weekend. This has prompted a lot of questions from my friends and colleagues: “You’re adopting an alpaca? Where will you keep it? Do you know anything about taking care of alpacas?” I sure don’t, readers. That’s why I’m just adopting her, and she can go live […]

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SpinOlution Echo Unboxing

I can say this now that it’s over: I don’t care for August. The fun of summer is essentially over and the fun of fall has not yet begun. It’s a fun void. Of course, I probably feel that way cause I spend my fall weekends out at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival with Marci […]

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A Knitting Q&A

Want to say again: I’m following the #fiberadventures hashtag on Instagram. Use it so I can see what you’re working on! NothingButKnit posted a knitting Q&A and I thought it would be fun to answer: Do you have a favorite crafting tool? I don’t know that I have one overall favorite. I still have my […]

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Why You Should Love a Knitter

(or crocheter!) I know this isn’t clever or new, but dating does get harder as one gets older. There are fewer opportunities to meet people, I think. In this day and age it’s even harder to find someone with similar interests, or at least someone who can appreciate your interests. From my experience with this, […]

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To Spin a Sweater Quantity

Ah July, that time of year where Kansas City sees heat indexes in high 100s and the only time we get a break from the humidity is when the thunder storms roll in. It has also turned into a month of the year where I surround myself with wool roving every free moment I have. […]

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