Mad about Magazines

Most knitters and crocheters are collectors; of yarn, of course, but also tools and patterns. We often collect these things knowing full well we won’t live long enough to make all of the things. There’s even a term for it: SABLE or “Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.” I’m no exception, but for a long time […]

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Some Independence Day Thoughts

Do you remember when I went to the Swig and Stitch event at the National World War I Museum? Well, our teacher was very nice, and had extra kits that she gave out. By that time, the only ones left were the American Flag design, and honestly I would have rather had another poppy. Beggars […]

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One Year of Adventures!

FahrOut Fiber Adventures is celebrating its first anniversary today! I’ve had a lot of fun writing about all my fiber adventures, and I hope you’ve had fun reading about them. Of course, how better to celebrate an anniversary than with presents! I’m giving away three sets of locking stitch markers with my plying spider on […]

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I Stand with Ravelry

On Sunday, Ravelry put out a statement about Pro-Trump speech on their platform: “We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.” This. This right here is what so many people have been trying to […]

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Happy Pride Month

I want to wish everyone in the LGBTQ community a very happy Pride Month. I hope you’re celebrating yourself in your best way. Of course, there’s been a discussion that the LGBTQ community needs to be celebrated and supported all the months of the year, not just in June, and I couldn’t agree more. I […]

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And the Cotton is Planted

You might recall my cotton growing escapades from last year, I was really excited about it! Well, this terrible winter came in and destroyed all of my cotton plants before they finished producing. I only got about half an ounce. So the trick would be to get them in the ground earlier so they’re producing […]

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Treat Yo Self

I’ve shared my views on love before, and if I’m being totally honest, my experience with Valentine’s Day peaked in elementary school: when you made your own valentine mailbox that all of your classmates filled with holographic pop cultural valentines and maybe some candy. But do I let that get me down every February 14th? […]

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More Stash, More Storage

No offense to Marie Kondo, but I’m not ready to part with any of my yarn (and besides, it does spark joy). So when my stash started overflowing just a little bit, I decided I’d rather get some new storage. And not long after I made this decision, I found a perfect solution on Pinterest: […]

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