AI Crochet

Like a lot of millennials, I think technology can be so cool. That’s not to say it can’t be problematic, and I definitely thank my smart speaker in case of a robot uprising. Seeing how far it’s come in the years I have been alive is still so impressive. The latest uproar I’ve seen is ChatGPT, a writing AI. The older folks in my line of work thinks this spells the end of our profession.

I think that’s hilarious, because it can pass LSATs and business courses. It can’t write art or humanities pieces well at all (not too surprising, as there is less for the AI to pull from…). It was only a matter of time before someone asked it to design patterns.

There’s a ton of hilarious videos on TikTok of people taking AI-generated crochet patterns and making them verbatim. The results are astounding, because it looks like a crochet pattern. The math works, the finished product just looks bonkers.

Naturally, I had to try it as well. I started with Bluey (the little animated dog) and followed that up with a dinosaur. Neither of them turned out like I expected, but both gave me plenty of laughs!!

And I’m not done yet!! A friend asked me if it would do knitting patterns like it did crochet patterns. Since there’s one good way to find out, I asked CPT to write me a knitting pattern, too. Follow me on Instagram to see how that works out!

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