Crochet in Wednesday

Crochet and Wednesday rhyme… English is weird….

I am super late to the party, but I just finished the Wednesday Netflix show. It was everything I wanted it to be, creepy AND kooky. A mystery that kept me guessing the whole time and finished everything with a bow on top.

Wednesday in her crocheted vest
© Netflix

I realize now why everyone was recommending it to me, though: there is so much crochet in this show! Never mind the costume pieces, including a checkered vest and spiderweb collars and cuffs, which is usually enough to make me fall in love with a production. Crochet makes it into the plot!

Three different pictures of Wednesday's crocheted collar and cuff
© Netflix

As we are introduced to Wednesday, she sees a court-ordered therapist. The therapist mentions that she looked over records from Wednesday’s previous counselor, who Wednesday ran out of town. “Someone who crochets as a hobby is not a worthy adversary,” she says. Then she is paired with a sparkly, pink roommate who also crochets as a hobby. Joke’s on Wednesday, she turns into a formidable adversary indeed!

A behind the scenes photo of two Wednesday actresses in their crocheted snoods
© Jenna Ortega

The roommate, Enid, who apparently doesn’t understand the definition of “knit-worthy,” even crochets them matching snoods for Wednesday’s birthday. I think I’ll have to make one, too!

They’ve already announced a second season, so I’m looking forward to more mystery, and hopefully, more crochet. Let me know if you have Wednesday-inspired makes in your future!

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