Eurythmik Corset Top

Like most knitters or crocheters, if I see something I like out and about in the world, my first instinct is “Oh, I could make that.” Well, the day has finally come. I bought something instead of trying to make it myself.

Let me first say that I bought it from another artist: Eurythmik. She is insanely talented. I found her through a variety of Instagram stories and ended up joining her Patreon because I love her work so much.

Everything she designs is so fresh. She also makes a point of finding and rescuing yarns, making her business super sustainable. She allows for color requests, but the most stunning work from her I’ve seen is when patrons select the “surprise me” color option. She has such an eye.

She’ll also save any waste from her projects to sell discounted scrappy versions of her designs, and that’s what I decided to order.

Emma in her eurythmik Dragonfly Corselette

The other reason I purchased this, rather than try to recreate it myself, is sheer curiosity about how she constructed this specific top, her Dragonfly Corsetlette. They look amazing on everyone I’ve seen them on, and I thought these would be something perfect to wear to hot Faire days (RIP).

Instagram story of the eurythmik Dragonfly Corselette

It was honestly so exciting waiting for it to arrive, too. She actually gives herself enough time to make these pieces without risking burnout or injury, so I ordered my summer top the day after Christmas to have it arrive in our warm weather season. Doesn’t mean I didn’t squeal with joy every time I saw her working on one on Instagram (I did manage to screenshot mine while it was still with her!!).

And frankly, why not support another artist? She put out some awesome video tutorials for a few of her designs, and I will happily crochet those. This one, I will just enjoy wearing!

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