After two years of cancelled festivities, the MOPACA show returned to Hale Arena this year!

For whatever reason, this show always happens around my birthday, so I make a point to add it to my celebratory to-do list. I keep waiting for these events I missed since 2020 to stop feeling special, but that hasn’t happened yet!

A white and brown alpaca at MOPACA

It’s not to say this event was the same as it was pre-pandemic. It was a double show, I assume to make up for the missing years, and it did look like there were more beautiful alpacas competing. However, there were less vendors. One big spot was taken up by T-Mobile, which was annoying, and there were no small farm booths over by the pens with their animals, which were my favorite spots to purchase my wares. Neither Mom or I ended up buying anything.

Four brown alpacas at MOPACA

However, we got to see these beautiful animals and get out of the house, so I will take it in a heartbeat. Looking forward to seeing more fiber shows come back to in-person events!

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