Year of Stitch: March Update

Year of Stitch sampler #2 is all done!

Year of Stitch sampler, finished

I did struggle with these stitches more than the first sampler. That’s good, though. It means I’m learning new things!

Rather than deal with the stress I endured putting a back on the first sampler, I decided to try something new.

Back of Year of Stitch sampler

I left the piece in the hoop, cut the excess fabric around just shy of an inch, and gathered it all with a running stitch. It’s the first step to adding a felt back to a hoop. That’s a more common finish, but it always seemed wasteful to me when I had the same fabric I stitched on in the first place.

Was it easier than the last sampler? So much. Would I go straight to “easy,” though? I would not. The back still shifted, and I think, after dealing with too little fabric last time, I cut the backing too large this time. However, the front looks great. I’m not going to worry about it. Maybe someday I’ll give in and try a full-fledged felt backing.

In-progress Encanto embroidery

And here is one of the pieces I was inspired by this challenge to make! Y’all know my love of Disney. Encanto is no different. I relate to just about all the characters in one form or another, but Pepa especially. I find myself muttering her mantra of “Clear Skies” every once in while when I feel overwhelmed. I decided this would be a great opportunity to practice the two new-to-me stitches from the first sampler: whipped back stitch and couching. I’m couching the cloud with some scraps of the yarn I dyed with sunflowers.

Shannon announced the third sampler, but she is only including the graphic: the bird and greenery. She is leaving the words to us, and I have some ideas. You’ll see them in next month’s update!

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