WIP Challenge: September Update

Bet you thought I was done with this! Emotionally, I kind of am, but dang it, I said a year and I’m seeing it through, for better or worse. It helps that I’m really tackling my WIP spreadsheet; way less daunting when Google counts for me!

Current WIP Count: 49. So, I’m up three from our last update, but I’m still down from my start! Moral victories are still victories.

Queue Projects: 10, so no change here in a long time… Maybe that’ll be my challenge for next year. I do have so many exciting projects in my queue that I tend to forget about them…

Squirrel Projects: 13, which is a pretty big bump up! This isn’t the monster though, right? The real monster is the…

Shiny Objects: Of which now I have 11… but you know what? I’m fine with it for now.

In-progress Lunar Sweater

The first project giving me the most joy right now is my Lunar Sweater, which is 50% scrap yarn, but I did have to buy a main color. I have no distinction for something that is half squirrel and half shiny (but maybe I should? A shiny squirrel? Nope. I just figured out this Google Sheet. I’m not throwing a new category in the mix now).

The second is my 999 Happy Haunts wrap, from my Haunted Mansion Halloween Advent Calendar, which is the shiniest of my shiny objects. So worth it, too. I’m getting such a kick out of unwrapping a new mini everyday, and it’s easiest to keep the order if I just knit it in real time!

So yeah, I’m sticking it out. Three more months to go.

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