Weston Fiber Arts Museum

I took a weekend trip with a friend up to Weston, Missouri. The main goals were to visit a winery and check out Florilegium in their new (to me) space. The winery was a lot of fun, but I found out that Florilegium was closed until July. I’d have to come back another time.

However, when one door closes another opens! I happened upon a “Fiber Arts Museum” on the main drag of the town. Much to the mild chagrin of my friend, I had to invesitgate.

Walls of frames silk tapestries

The museum is specific to Jacquard looms and pieces made on them. I knew a bit about these pieces, like how the card system is an early version of the player piano and the computer. What I didn’t know what how fine these could weave. They looked like photos, the threads were so fine.

Close up of weaving

Of course, almost all of the pieces focused on American exceptionalism and Christianity, which is always a little disappointing because they’re so overrepresented. Not to mention, the history rarely gets in the way of a good image.

Like this piece, for example. Of course, I was excited to see a spinner, even in the Christianity portion of the exhibit. This isn’t Joan of Arc’s contribution to the world, though. She wasn’t burned at the stake for spinning. It’s just a bit twisted.

It was still fun to see the technique and extreme detail of these pieces. If you’re already in town, I’d say it’s worth a stop.

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