The Lion Brand Yarn Studio

That’s right, I visited not one but two yarn shops on my whirlwind tour of Manhattan. We went a little out of our way for this one, because my friend Kristin (who interned in the City over a college semester) said it was worth the trip. That, and Lion Brand was one of the first name-brand yarns I really liked when I started crocheting as a child. So, read on about my visit to The Lion Brand Yarn Studio.

It’s a really long shop, so it took a bit to give it the full walk-around. They carry all of their midrange yarns that used to be readily available in our chain craft shops, but they also had some higher quality yarns that were exclusive to this shop.

They also had an excellent selection of crocheted samples! I hardly ever see one in most of the yarn shops I visit, and if there is one it’s usually an outdated design. It’s just so the shop can say they have a crocheted sample. These were fresh, fun designs. I wanted to pick up my hook straight away.

I actually ended up buying yarn for one of those: the Earl Gray Wrap. It’s this beautiful triangle shawl that features some fun lace and one of their gradient yarns. I opted not for the blue, because these fall tones really spoke to me.

In the same stop was my friend Kristin’s favorite coffee shop: The Bean. She told me I had to get their NutElla Fitzgerald drink. Let me tell you, as heavenly as a Nutella beverage named for the First Lady of Song sounds, it was so much better than that. I finished it just as we walked into the shop. The cup was also in fall colors, so I’ve decided this will be my NutElla Fitzgerald wrap. It’s more apt than a tea (for once in my life!).

The Lion Brand Studio is well worth a stop if you’re in the area!

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