I Knit and I Know Things MKAL

*This post contains spoilers for the knit-along and Game of Thrones*

I finished it! And only a week after the final episode aired!

As disappointing as that was, this knit was the opposite: fun, half-mindless, and gorgeous to boot.

I knit and I know things MKAL wingspan

I was a little worried that my mohair was too different from my lighter main color, but it turned out fabulous. The mohair adds so much to the finished piece. Mine looks like flame, and I liked that before almost all of King’s Landing met its fiery demise. I mean, I still like the look, just not the reminder.

dragon shawl pin

I bought my Daenerys shawl pin before her absurd, super-villain heel-turn. Not to mention I already have the shawl in Targaryen colors, so I guess I’m leaning into it, and still going to use it.

I knit and I know things mkal

The design is really clever, it lays really well over the shoulders, either direction. I’m so happy with it, and would recommend it for an advanced beginner brioche project.

On to the next projects!

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