Me Made Mother’s Day

Late, I know, but we celebrated late ’cause Mom had the opportunity to celebrate with my sister in Chicago.

crochet geek towel topper

I’ve made so many of these Crochet Geek Towel Toppers. Some people accuse them of being grandma-ish until they realize what great access they have to their dish towel. Plus, they’re really quick and fun to crochet.

Mom has a couple of these already, mind you. She has one that matches he black, red, and white kitchen and a Haunted Mansion one. So she was due for something summery, right? I found these fun bike towels at my local Kohl’s. I couldn’t pass them up, bikes always make me think of my mom.

Also, what really takes the cake on this, the cotton I used came out of her stash… but she told me to use it! And I really like the look of them on their chosen towels.

I hope all you mothers out there enjoyed your day, and that you were showered in handmade gifts!

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