Let Me Finish Vol. 2

Last week, I showed you my finished projects from the Fiber Treasures retreat, and now I have two more!

These are the yarns I spun on that Sunday:

And here’s what I made!

Two cowls! The pink one is my lock spun yarn, loosely using the Escarpment Cowl pattern. I essentially knit a triangle shawl until I was almost out of yarn and then joined to knit in the round to make it a cowl. Then I bound off with the tail spun yarn for a fringe edge!

I’m a little less happy with my add-in yarn, but I think with some elastic thread it will be perfect! I knit this flat for about half the cowl and then started knitting in the round. Garter edge at the bottom and I ribbed the top hoping it would tighten the top of the cowl (it didn’t, hence the thread!).

Never mind that I should’ve been working on other projects, but it was super fun to figure out what I wanted from these yarns! I’d still love to see your finished projects, tag them with #fiberadventures on social media!

And if you’re looking for some fiber fun in Kansas City this weekend, you’ll definitely want to check out the MOPACA show at Hale Arena!

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