Produce a Bag

The birds are chirping, Mom’s crocuses are blooming, and I’ve shut off my heat. Spring is here for certain. While I hope our Kansas weather doesn’t jump straight into summer, as it is wont to do, I am planning ahead to what summer will bring. I’m blocking out summer vacations, warm weather activities with my friends, and weekend trips to the farmers’ market for fresh, local produce.

I’ve been thinking about market trips more so lately, as I’m getting ready to teach a class over this Purl Soho Produce Bag.

purl soho crocheted linen grocery tote

I made a couple of these when I was in college that we used all the time, in an effort to use fewer shopping bags. It’s a pretty mindless project, very little counting. It squishes down to very small, so it’s easy to stash wherever you need it. Not to mention it looks fabulous hanging from your arm in a summer market.

Does that sound as lovely to you as it does me? Join me in class! You can call The Studio at 816-531-4466 or sign up online.

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