A Holiday Recap

I hope you all had excellent holidays, ’cause I sure did!

I love to give of my talents this time of year, so that’s what I tried to do:

I made quite a few of these snowflake ornaments and F-bomb stress balls for my coworkers (my sister got an F-bomb too, cause I new she would appreciate it).

lidsville hat

Pop got one of his standard hats in Silky Yak DK from BigFootFibers. It’s luscious, and the color is called “I only work in black and sometimes very dark gray,” which is a LEGO movie reference that made me giggle.

Rock the Chevron Socks

I felt so bad, I did not finish all my presents on time this year. My mom had to open one heel-less sock on Christmas morning. It’s a bummer, cause she’s the most knit-worthy person I know, but to that end she understands and was very nice about it. I’m still trucking as fast as I can on her second one though.

And in spite of that, I must’ve been on the nice list this year, because look at all the fiber-related goodies I received:


I got a Yarn Drum, a copy of the knitting Bible The Principles of Knitting by  June Hemmons Hiatt, a handmade snap project bag and double-point needle holder, 4oz of beautiful dyed locks that won Best in Show at the Oregon State Fair (that I think I’ll hold on to for the Fiber Treasures retreat!), a handmade tablet/phone holder made in Minnie Mouse fabric, hand-dyed yarn in my new school’s color, a Haunted Mansion bag that will become a notion bag for my HM project bag, and a giant pom-pom maker with notches so I can make wild, different-colored pompoms.

In the back there is a custom-etched glass tabletop! Though it’s not a fibery gift, I had to include the book on the right. It’s a scrapbook style cookbook of all the favorite family recipes. Family members on my mom’s and dad’s side contributed, it has wonderful family photos, and since it was one of my favorite gifts, I felt compelled to include it here.

And this wasn’t so much a gift as a Christmas miracle. For years I’ve been looking for a distaff that I could hang off of my belt during Faire (or off of my pocket any other time), and on our annual Christmas trip to Silver Dollar City, we stopped into the blacksmith shop. Inside, they had new mantle hooks that were really close to what I was looking for. I asked the shopkeeper if they were made in house, and when she told me they were, she took me out to talk to the blacksmith himself. I thought he would just alter an existing mantle hook, but he started from scratch and made exactly what I wanted. I was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.

I would love to see what fibery gifts you made or received this year! Leave me a comment or tag your photos with #fiberadventures on Instagram!

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