Spin Together 2021

Spin Together was back in it’s full force this year! Which means I was able to spin on my home team: the Yarn Barn Twisters.

My goal is almost always to spin a mile of yarn, and I think I’ve achieved that goal once. My moral victory goal is to spin every day of the contest, and I did do that!

Spin together Yarns

I worked on three projects this year. One was a bit of a surprise, since I was just using what I had about. Marci combed out this beautiful, white, mystery wool (that we’re pretty sure has some mohair) that I spun out at the Renaissance Festival. I debated a few stash fibers to ply with it, but ultimately decided on a Yarn School Corridale in a color called “Rain on Prom Night.” I like how it turned out!! As I was plying, I thought it would be really fun in a colorwork project with snowflakes. That will also allow me a commercial yarn to balance it out, as it is not the most consistent spin of my life…

My second project was my Gulf Coast sock yarn, which I’m technically still trucking on (I did a total of zero plying during the actual contest). I was worried the colors were mudding together, but it the sunlight, it’s a really beautiful yarn! My final project was one more turtle on my Ply Away samples hodge-podge yarn.

Totaling all together, I got 1632 yards. That’s 68 yards shy of my goal of a mile… Oh well. There’s always the next spinning competition! I just hope I did my team proud.

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