A Problem Solved with More Yarn

It couldn’t be done, they said!

You may recall in my little gauge experiment, I was torn between two designs: the Captiva Crop (Ravelry link) and the Knot Front Crop (Ravelry link). I asked for people to weigh in, and here’s the answer I got:

Story graphic showing a poll between two designs: 28% for Captiva and 72% for Knot Front

Do you ever have one of those moments when you ask someone for their opinion, only to show you that what you really wanted was the opposite? That was me here. Just about everybody voted for the Knot Front, and it looks great. However, the Captiva is still calling my name.

Not to mention, my purpose in wanting to make the Knot Front was to wear it out to Faire; something I could keep cool in while also modeling the beautiful Th’red Head Designs yarn (and hopefully selling more of it). The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is an autumn activity, and most of my garb reflects as much. It’s deep fall tones, and the bright teal blue matches none of it. So, what to do?

If you’re me, you decide to make both! Which meant I needed to make yet another trip to Marci’s virtual store. What a shame…

Two skeins of hand-dyed cotton yarn

I ended on this brown/yellow/red tonal. It should go well with just about any skirt I own. Fingers crossed I’ll have it done by opening weekend!

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