Me Made May: Week Two

A little less thrilled this week but proud all the same!

Front and back of blue linen dress

I decided this week to make a dress to wear to my graduation. I had a lovely teal linen and a dress pattern already cut. That’s the thing, though. This is the same pattern I used for my bedsheet dress, McCall’s M6199. It was less than fabulous last time, but I thought since that happened already it would go better this time.

I wasn’t totally wrong. It still came out too “big,” which I’m sad to say. Because I’m sure it’s the right size for me, the cut just isn’t that flattering. I brought it in a little, which means I had to fudge the sleeves, and that makes the neckline go all over the place now. I’ll probably go back and try to fix that, once the month is over.

I may try one more time in a smaller size, but if that doesn’t work out, I’m tossing the dang thing. There’s another video this week, so check it out to learn more about this dress:

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