A Visit from Patty Lyons

The Sunflower Knitter’s Guild is killing it with these zoom lectures. Franklin Habit was fantastic, and last night, we got to hear from Patty Lyons about yarn substitutions! (The very same Patty Lyons from whom I learned the basics of Portuguese knitting in the spring lockdown).

As my friend Alex put it: “You just know you’ll get something good out of her lecture, even if it’s just an hour of laughs.” Patty broke down the different parts of substituting any yarn to create a perfect project (even if it’s a design that doesn’t exist yet!) and how to use your gauge swatch to get the exact fabric you’re after. She has a whole other class on swatching that was going to be an option for Knitting in the Heartland that I hope I’ll actually get to take someday.

This one wasn’t as wild or historic as Franklin’s lecture, but it was more real-world educational. Like, these were practical facts presented in a way that was just as entertaining as the Victorian horror toys. Both were amazing lectures, and I’m so grateful to the guild for bringing them into our homes.

You can learn more about Patty (and her classes, designs, and knit-alongs) on her website: pattylyons.com.

3 thoughts on “A Visit from Patty Lyons

  1. Oooh- I am so jealous! This sounds lovely. As a self-taught knitter, Patty Lyons has been completely invaluable with her advice.


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