Adventures NOT at the Ren Fest: Fourth Weekend

This week’s post will be a little light. Full disclosure, I had a (thankfully short) panic attack on Saturday, so not as much got done as I would have liked.

Emma spinning on a wood deck

I did get to spin on another friends’ deck, though. Even better, these friends have a puppy!

Emma sitting in a chair with a balck and white puppy

This is Fritz! He’s a mutt of some kind and super sweet.

Feet on a spinning wheel surrounded by tiny pieces of paper

Spun some more on my parents’ deck on Sunday. “At least you have money to burn,” said my dad, of this mess.

Two bobbins, half full of a green yarn with sparkles and paper spun in

And I finished spinning the four ounces during the Chiefs game yesterday! Looking forward to plying soon.

Hope I’ll have something more fun for you next week!

3 thoughts on “Adventures NOT at the Ren Fest: Fourth Weekend

    1. I did during the last Super Bowl and never will again 😂 even so, I wasn’t sure we had it until the very end. The Ravens are a formidable opponent, to be sure!

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      1. The minute Lamar had to go to his throwing game, I knew it would be a Chiefs’ win. Patrick Mahomes is waaaay smarter, but Jackson is like a hog on ice when he runs! I had a great football weekend. Both Packers and Steelers are 3-0. My husband loves to watch Cam Newton so now we have the Patriots game on, too. I. KNOW! Hard to take for a NYer.


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