Winter Woolfest 2020

Another January, another trip to Wamego, KS for the Winter Woolfest!

This is still one of my favorite shows. There are so many great vendors and it’s hard to beat some free classes. I didn’t get to take any this year, but I did get to catch up with some fiber friends. That is always the highlight of these shows, for me.

Having booked most of my travel plans for 2020 this month, I planned on buying absolutely nothing, which is completely out of character for me. I was doing really well, until a seven-year-old girl came up to me in the booth. She wanted to show me her shop. “Okay!” I said, figuring she had a toy set-up somewhere.

Yarn and fiber in a booth

Turns out, she was one of the vendor’s kids, and had her own corner in the booth with yarn and fiber she dyed herself. It was gorgeous, and I love girls getting into business early, so I had to buy one of those skeins.

Emma and Christine at Winter Woolfest

I also got to cast on my City of Fountains! This knit-along for Knitting in the Heartland had cast-on parties the same day as this festival, so I couldn’t attend. However, I can party all on my own, and I got to do it with the dyer, Christine. So, that was very fun. Kits are still available in the TreasureGoddess shop, if you want to have a beautiful, Kansas-City-themed project for KITH in April!

Did you make it to the show this year? What were your had-to-buy finds? Let me know in the comments.

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