Adventures at the Ren Fest 2019: Sixth Weekend

Buckle in, this weekend was a doozy!

Last weekend, I met:

  • A woman who said “You don’t use stitch markers in crochet.” When we pointed out that we had lobster claw stitch markers for crocheters, she said “Yep, I have a ton at home.”
  • Some poor child had an adult in their life who kept threatening to cut off their hair to give me to spin.
  • I had a guy mansplain to me how silk was made. Apparently it’s gelatinous until you spin it…
  • Another guy mansplained to me why my spinning wheel has different drive ratios (It’s funny I got two in one weekend. The general mansplaining has been lighter this year.)
  • One kid asked me if I made everything in the booth. I told her “No, the artist is inside.” She said “Oh, so you just put the string on the thing.” That’s exactly right, little kid.
  • Another kid came up to the demo platform, exclaimed “I WANT TO WATCH THIS,” and immediately turned to leave.
  • Yet another kid asked me, in tears, “Why do you work here?!”
  • One gentleman was really into my hand-knit socks. He turned to his knitter mom and said “Aren’t her socks so cool?! Have you made socks, Mom?” She looked at my socks, turned her nose up, and said “Yes, and mine have longer cuffs.”
Thor at the spinning demo

I also met Thor this weekend! He was very nice and asked a lot of great questions. When he turned to leave, I told him I was happy to be worthy of his time. I’m so proud of that, I usually only think of punny things like that after the fact.

It was also a crazy fiber arts weekend. I’m participating in a spinning competition hosted by the Yarn Barn, so I spun as much as I could all weekend.

It rained a little both days. When it rained, we busted out the drop spindles. Then on Sunday, I went for a walk-about with my spindle in my belt, and it fell out. I noticed a minute later, but by the time I got back to it, someone had stepped on it and completely pulverized it. I was able to salvage the silk with only a little trouble, but I’m still so bummed about the spindle. I’m working on getting a replacement shaft, so here’s hoping!

Marci kindly gave me every spinning demo shift this weekend. I plied the rest of that alpaca and started spinning the next batch. I have an idea what I want to make with it now, but I don’t want to share it yet, in case I change my mind later.

Next weekend is the final weekend of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival! If you want to visit us at Wolf ‘n’ Sheep’s Clothing (and meet these interesting characters), it’s your last chance until next year!

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