Adventures at the Ren Fest 2019: 3rd Weekend

Last weekend was dog weekend! My personal favorite themed weekend, because they always hold corgi races!

Aren’t they adorable?! My booth-mate Christina took these photos. It’s a hoot to watch them. As always, I got to meet some interesting characters:

  • I had a woman ask if we had hats, and I told her “of course!” and directed her into the booth. She looked at a tree of knit hats, said “ugh, crochet,” and turned on her heel to leave.
  • I had a guy that asked me to spin his beard, and when I laughed at his “joke,” he would not let it go. He said if it works for wigs, it’ll work for me…
  • I had finished demoing and was putting my boot back on when a woman started snapping a bunch of pictures. I apologized, and told her I was done demoing. I offered to start up again so she could get some pictures, and she said “No! That’s fine!” So I went to put on my other boot, and she snapped more pictures…
  • Similarly, I had a gentleman ask if he could take a video of my demo, and I told him “Sure.” He took a video of my feet treadling the wheel.
  • I had a man who really wanted to argue with me that he could get more yarn at Hobby Lobby for what we were charging for yarn.
  • Early in the day, before demos, I was behind the desk when a teenage boy walked by. He looks at our sign, and exclaimed “Spinning demo?!” He turned to point at me, yelled “Nice spindle!” and ran away.
  • A member of the cast, with good intentions, tried to hock our store: “Wolf ‘n; Sheep’s Clothing! For all your quilting needs!”

It was one of my more interesting weekends out there, I’m not going to lie.

I got a lot of spinning done, though! A small dent has been made in that alpaca, but I’ve got a long ways to go still. I also made good progress on my Ply Away (2018…) sample spinning project! Look at this beautiful cop:

blue spindle project

That’s almost a year and a half in the making, so I’m hoping I’ll finish that up this season. Anyone else have WIPs that old? Please leave me a comment about it, I need some solidarity!

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